NEW BRANDING!! (Yes I know I just internet-shouted, but I am really really excited!

So I have been chafing at the bit to re-do my branding for a while. I had to do the last set in a bit of a rush, so I wanted to do it again, really taking my time and making sure the imagery complimented my work. This time I had the pleasure of having Leslie over at Gifted Creative group as my mentor, and she was so encouraging! You can see my new logo at the top of this page, and soon I will have business cards and other goodies with the new logo and images. I can't wait to order them, and will do another post featuring all that good stuff when it arrives. I also recently did some modifications to my site, and have been learning more and more about how to create a website. I am doing it all on my own, and there has been a learning curve, of course! Anyway, I am so excited to finally be sharing a logo with you all that makes me happy, and I hope you enjoy it as well!