SURTEX and Blueprint

Our trip to New York was such an adventure, and a success for sure! My hubby, Dan, went with me and served as the muscle to push my wheelchair on the first day of the show. Why did I need a wheelchair? Good question. The short answer is I am a huge klutz and can seriously injure my ankle even when walking on a flat surface. After resting for several days before the trip, being wheeled around the first day of SURTEX, and sitting all day the second day of the trip at Blueprint 2 I was able to walk around a bit for the evening. What am I talking about? If you are asking what SURTEX and Blueprint are, here you go: basically heaven for young surface designers. Both shows are trade shows featuring some really awesome and successful artists and agencies showing off their work to prospective clients who want to buy or license the work to companies who will put their work on products. HUGE thanks to Shelley of Figgy Pudding Designs for getting me into SURTEX, and to Ine Beerten of By Zesti for allowing me the pleasure of assisting her at her booth at Blueprint Show 2. I learned a lot from these ladies, and seeing all of Ine's work was unbelievably awesome. 

I highly recommend checking out Air BnB listings for NYC. We were able to stay in Bushwick for 3 nights for probably less than 1 night in a hotel downtown. Yes, it was a bit of a subway ride away, but we didn't mind. 

Unfortunately I do not have many pictures to share. The exhibitors do not like you to take photos of their booths, for many reasons (people might steal their ideas, etc.) I do have a few photos from our travels, though! The bow tie Dan is modeling was created by our new friend Taniya Varshney of Happy Mrs Dahlia. The french toast bagel with birthday cake cream cheese is from Tompkins Square Bagels.

The show re-energized me to start working on some new projects, so you will get to see some new work soon. I am also updating my tools and supplies soon (yay- shopping!) and will probably write about that too. 

Catherine Snyder