Sneak peek at my studio

A while ago I took some photos of my studio and forgot to share them here! When my husband and I moved into our apartment, we decided right away that the tiny second bedroom would be our office. (I say "ours"- he has a little corner to himself- I have spread out). I have a lovely drafting table he bought for me the first Christmas we were together and a nice comfy drafting chair. Those are set up right by a window with a lovely view of a field and woods. I convinced someone I knew to give me one of the counters he had used in a store he closed, so I have that nice counter running the length of a wall, and it has a shelf underneath where I use those cube-basket-thingies to organize my "junk". My scanner and printer live there, too. On the other side of my desk I have a tall set of Rubbermaid drawer filled with all kinds of art supplies. Most I will never use (I bought them during college) but I can't quite make myself get rid of them yet. I have yet another little shelf for books and sketchbooks. I only have one photo to show you, but I will try to clean up and take some more photos soon! 

Catherine Snyder