Back in the saddle (... or not..)

Well, it has been a gloriously fun summer! I took a bit of a break, working part time in my studio and part time at a horse ranch as a guide. My first winter back in New England was brutal. This year was so muddy and rainy and nasty. For someone who lived in Savannah where it is green year-round, it was very dreary. I found myself getting depressed, so I decided I would look for an outdoor job. The job on the ranch was perfect- horses, exercise, sunshine, happy people... But last week I had an accident while helping a customer, and long story short, I may be done riding for the season. We will see what the orthopedic surgeon says on Wednesday when she takes a look at my ankle. For now, I am stuck back in the studio, and my time has been very productive! I have two projects in the works, one almost done, and a few other beginnings of pieces swirling around in my sketchbook. I am experimenting with a few different techniques as well. If it works out, I will share a blog post on that, too. No worries- it won't look totally different! I will keep you all updated! Happy Wednesday!

Catherine Snyder