Have you seen my new shop?

I kind of let my Etsy shop waste away for a while. To be honest, I was bored with my inventory, and I think my customers were too. I love selling paper goods, but I think a shop needs more than just stationery. So I just opened back up, and this time the selection is, in my opinion, amazing! I have a lot more items in the works, so what is on there now is just a sampling. If you haven't subscribed to my newsletter (there is a sign up box in the sidebar and on my connect page) then go sign up! I will be sending my subscribers coupons you can't get anywhere else, and advance notice of flash sales. I have baby onesies, cosmetic bags, prints, three models of iPhone cases, and LEGGINGS on there right now. Leggings, guys! I have to admit, since my studio is in my house, I may wear leggings a bit TOO much... Anyway, head on over! And keep checking back for new items. And don't worry, I will highlight anything super exciting in my weekly newsletters!

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