Hello! You might have seen me talking on social media or here on the blog about my monoprinting textures. If you haven't yet, download them free here! If you were curious about how it works, keep reading! Note: this is just my technique for make interesting backgrounds and textures for digital art and collage. Monoprinting is an art form that is awesome! It is a simple, yet fascinating art form and the materials are affordable and easy to find! 

Materials I used: Plastic printing plate, Speedball printing ink, Speedball roller,  and cheap drawing paper. you could get away with using any hard, flat piece of plastic and acrylic paint, but you do kind of need the roller. See the bottom of the post for a list of printmaking supplies (I tried to find them cheap for you!)

I roll out the ink on a separate plate, coating the roller (evenly makes a nice, consistent texture, but if you want a messy texture, don't be too careful.) Once it has enough ink on it, I roll it out on another printing plate. Again, roll smoothly and cover the whole surface if you want an even texture, but I wanted messy and interesting ones, so I just kind of go at it. Then smooth a piece of paper onto the plate. (Yes, they make a tool for this, but I am ok with using my hands.) Then all you have to do it pull it up and voila! You really only get one print per inking (hence the term monoprinting), but try smoothing another paper down and see how the lighter texture looks! Then you can experiment with color... Have fun! 


Supplies I used:


I highly suggest you search "monoprint" on Pinterest, you will be inspired!

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 4.39.45 PM.png

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