5 Favorite Funky and Free Fonts

I have seen a few really interesting and inspiring fonts recently, and I thought it would be fun to share them with you! 

A note: I am not a huge supporter of the movement towards online freebies.

There are varying views, but I am worried about the growing expectation for free goods that is exhibited by the public. That said, I don't condone use of fonts, especially in commercial projects, without a donation or AT LEAST appreciation and sharing on social media. Please remember to show artists some love! 

(Total disclaimer- I am not primarily a graphic designer, and I am not a lofty typography connoisseur. These are just fonts that I thought were unique and fun from the perspective of a surface designer. Please don't release the type police on me.)

Catherine McGuire Illustrations Blog: Forest and Pine Free Font Duo by Echo Foxx

Technically this is a duo, so you get a bonus! I have seen more and more duo font packs running around on the internet recently, and I absolutely love it! The freebie is only a demo version, but if you want to use it in a commercial project, it is just $10 at Creative Market! How fun is it to see how the creator of a font sees the design possibilities of their creation?! The Forest font is nice, but I am really in love with Pine. I actually did some brush lettering a week or so ago that was similar, and when I saw this I was like "Wow, she nailed it!" Kirstie Drews, otherwise know as Echo Foxx, offers it as a demo font for free download on her Behance page if you want to try it out for personal projects.

Scandi Lover Font by Katsia Jazwinska Free Demo

This font is one of those that would be a disaster if not paired correctly, but if it was used with just the right complementary design elements I think it would be absolutely adorable! I am thinking polar bears... aren't you? Check out the demo version here, just remember that the free demo is for personal use only. Good news, though- if you want to use it in a project you can buy the full version and support another designer

Lemon Bird Free Font by Ian Barnard Catherine McGuire Blog

Lemon Bird is a font created by Ian Barnard, so of course it is fabulous! He generously offers many freebies on his site, check it out! This one is even free for commercial use! 

Eva Cute Free Font by Alan Pires Catherine McGuire Illustrations Blog

Ok, I really love this one. Eva is a fun font that breaks all of the rules, according to Alan Pires, the creator. You can download it for free on his Behance site, and it is free for commercial use as well as personal. He has several other free fonts on his site- I like Magaya a lot! 

Catherine McGuire Illustrations Blog: The West Side: Free Font by Artimasa Studio

Another font that might be hard to actually use, but would look stunning if done right, The West Side is inspired by vintage designs and has an urban flair that I think is great! Artimasa Studio has several other free fonts worth looking at on their Behance page


Bonus: coordinate fonts! 

Amatic Font by Vernon Adams on FontSquirrel

This font by Vernon Adams is available on FontSquirrell. It's cute but light and simple enough that it could be used in a larger variety of projects. 

Catherine McGuire Illustrations Blog Post: Summer Free Font

I love this font, and Gatis Vilaks, one of the creators, has several other free (and for purchase) fonts on his page that are fun and simple enough to use as a readable yet interesting coordinate font.

Catherine McGuire Illustrations Blog: Weem Free Font

Ok, ok- last one! Weem is another great font that I found on Vilaks's page and wanted to share. This one might be a little harder to work into a composition, but I still think it would pair really well with a larger, funkier font. 


Well, there was a look inside my lettering-crazed brain! I hope you found a font that you enjoy, and please remember to thank the artists, like, share, and/or donate! Do you have any fonts that you think should be added to this list? Should I start a funky-freebie round-up series? 

I may earn a commission from one or more of the links in this post. Don't worry- I would never, ever, ever share something that I don't love and wouldn't use for myself!

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