Looking For a Cheap Drawing Tablet? I Have Just The Thing For You!

There really is a fantastic AND affordable drawing tablet out there!

Nope, not kidding. For around $100, this tablet is great if you are just starting out or on a budget.

I have written two posts about my new Huion graphics tablet monitor and how it compares to a Wacom Cintiq here and here, and I absolutely love it. If you aren’t ready to spend several hundred or even a thousand dollars on a tablet, this article is for you!

Before I had a Huion, I had a regular drawing tablet. It cost less than $100 dollars, and it was good enough that I still use it when I am on the go! 

During my second year of college, I realized I needed something more than my trackpad or Magic Mouse (although I am still pretty good with those if I do say so myself!) I ended up buying an old Wacom Bamboo tablet for $20. It was definitely worth it! I was working traditionally for the most part, so it was accurate enough for what I needed. Eventually, it croaked, so I started looking for an alternative. 

Somehow I stumbled across the Wacom Intuos tablet on Amazon. It was around $90, so I bought it. I was impressed, although it was probably pretty easy to impress me at that point in time: I was about as far from tech-savvy as you can get.  

The Intuos tablet ended up being of a high-enough- quality that it continued to fit my needs, even after starting my freelance career.  

I had the medium size, and for me it was ideal. It fits perfectly into one of the standard cases for iPad, Kindle, etc; so I was able to buy a pretty case to protect it in my bag when hauling all of my art supplies around.  

The Intous is a good, solid, no-fuss piece of hardware.

It connects to your computer via USB cable, or there are battery conversion kits available. It has four shortcut buttons and the pen doesn’t need a battery or charging. It is sturdy and durable and still looks like it did the day I got it, despite being thrown around in my bag constantly with only a soft cover to protect it.

There are several versions of Intuos tablets, the Pro tablets are great, and many professionals use them. For what you are getting, they are a good price. I had the Intuos Pen and Touch, and they since have released a Draw model and a Sketch model. I suggest reading the specs carefully to pick which one is right for you. 

If you only work digitally or have used really high-end tech in the past this tablet probably won't work for you. But if you work in a mix of traditional media and digital, or are a student, the Intous is definitely worth looking into. 

Any kind of technology or product geared for artists is bound to be expensive, but this is a great option for those of us on a budget ;)  

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