So... How Was Blueprint?

Exhibiting at Blueprint Show 1 was absolutely incredible. It still feels a bit unreal that I was able to go, but it really did happen and I am so thrilled!

There was a ton of work to be done to get ready for the show, but I may have underestimated how much needed to be done afterward! Updating my site (looks fancy, huh?!), following up with contacts, and getting back to my normal routine has been crazy. That's why the blog has been a bit quiet. 

BUT... I am planning on publishing several posts about Blueprint! Some of the topics I have cooked up are:

  • Prep and planning
  • Promo material ideas
  • On that note, I used more than FIVE printing services to get what I needed at great prices! I would be happy to share how I found great deals and how the print quality from each company was. Does that interest anyone?
  • What to actually expect at the show

I am sure there are other things that you guys might be interested in- I found very little info when I was researching the show online this spring. I am even open to a Q&A post! That might be really fun...