Color of the Week: Magenta

This week I am loving the color magenta. 

Last week I wrote about another of my favorite colors: indigo. The pigmentation of the Winsor and Newton permanent magenta is wonderful, and I am a sucker for rich, saturated color. Luckily for me, the color magenta is trending!

Magenta fits right in with the jewel-tone hues flooding the design world. Hot pink and turquoise seem to be a popular color combo, and I am personally planning on trying a variation of that scheme using magenta and teal. Right now I am using a mix that creates a reddish magenta, but I have been playing around with adding dioxazine violet to make a saturated, cooler version. 


This week's color mood board: 

I hope you enjoyed this week's featured color! I would love to see how you are using magenta in your own work! 

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