Color of The Week: Sunshine Yellow

I love a good deep, vibrant yellow! 

One of the reasons I love working in traditional media instead of digital is that I like seeing my color palette in front of me and playing with the colors naturally until I get the mix just right.

Yellow can be a tricky color to work with. In college, when I took a digital illustration class, yellow was always a headache because it is so easy to end up with a gross, toxic looking yellow-green. On the flip side- it is also too easy to end up with orange. I like to be able to touch my work and feel the paper in my hands. I also love how intuitive color has become as I have gotten used to my new Winsor and Newton professional watercolors. I still can't bring myself to work with cool yellow; just a personal preference I guess. 

But I love a good, golden yellow and how it reminds me of warm summer sunshine. 

This saturated yellow goes well with almost all of my other favorite colors. I think that it is stunning when paired with indigo; my color of the week two weeks ago. A combo of saturated blush-pink and yellow can be gorgeous, and I am really feeling gray and yellow as well. And you can't forget the festive, tropical fun of a yellow/turquoise palette! 

Sunshine yellow moodboard: 

Catherine McGuire color of the week: sunshine yellow mood board trend
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