Social Media Refresh: Custom Pinterest Board Covers

I admit, I sometimes struggle to keep my social media accounts looking the way I want them to.

When things get busy, I make time to post new awesome content, but it can be hard to carve out time to spruce things up a bit.

I have been eyeing pretty Pinterest accounts for a while, and I love the accounts that have nice, neat, beautiful board covers that all match!

I had an hour or so free on Wednesday, so I thought I would put in a little work towards unifying and cleaning up my Pinterest account. Warning- even if you are fast in Photoshop, it can take a while. I ended up spending about two and a half hours on what I thought would be a 45-minute project! 

Along with cleaning up old boards and pins that I don't think fit my brand anymore, I wanted to create new cover images for my boards.

While I was at it, I also made sure that my boards had great descriptions (hello, SEO!) I am going to share a few tips on how to create your own covers in both Photoshop AND Canva! 


There are a ton of ways to create your own gorgeous, custom Pinterest board covers, of course, but I am going to share how I created mine.

I used Photoshop, but if you are looking for something more affordable (but just as good- seriously!) you can check out Affinity Photo. Watch out, Adobe...

A note: There are varying bits of information out there, but you need to make the board covers 400x400px (or larger, if you like.)

The covers used to be rectangular, but now they usually show up as square- although, I saw them load as rectangles again recently. It is generally better to go ahead and save a square version.

I used this fabulous freebie from Diana Claudia. She has the free Instagram design pack up on her Behance site for free if you would like to use it! The templates are great for those who don't have a lot of experience in Photoshop- you just drop your own photo in front of the existing background if you wish, add the type, and you are done! The design I chose worked really, really well for this project. I did end up zooming in on the white space in the template and editing it a bit so that I had more room for the type. 

The images are free for use as well, but I decided to use an indigo watercolor wash that meshes with the rest of my branding. I love the font I used! It is called Dominique, you can get it here.

Canva users: Canva has a ton of free IG templates on their site! I am not a huge fan of most of the ones I saw there, so I went looking for better options. While you can't use PSD templates in Canva, you can use PNG, JPG, and PDF files to create images. Here are a few that I found on Creative Market that are all under $6: check out my "Resources for Bloggers" collection at Creative Market! Note: not all of them can be edited in Canva, check the file types. The set needs to include PNGs, JPGs, and/or PDFs to work. 

So, that's it! This is how mine turned out. It is pretty simple if you have the right tools and images, it just takes time. I have seen a few accounts that have really gorgeous covers, haven't you? If you already have custom board covers, I would love to see them! 

I may earn a commission from one or more of the links in this post. Don't worry- I would never, ever, ever share something that I don't love and wouldn't use for myself!

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