This Is What I Am Learning During My Daily Painting Challege

Honesty here: For the last few months I was feeling stuck, bored, and my work felt stale.

I decided to become a freelance artist because it made me happy and when I stopped enjoying my work I knew something had to change. 

An artist is continually growing. An artist's work is a reflection of who they are and how they see the world and we all go through changes in life. The changes in my life over the past few years have mostly been good ones, but I "outgrew" my old method of working. I was frustrated and depressed; feeling like I was going nowhere. I am a perfectionist. Add that to my impatient personality and you get someone who doesn't like to do something that does not have a direct goal or requires trying the same thing over and over. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen my daily painting challenge. That challenge has been a lifesaver. 

Catherine McGuire Surface Design Watercolor Magenta and Indigo Floral

It turns out that what I needed in order to find a style that fits who I am I needed to loosen up and try new things. 

I had a rough start, for sure. I was a bit lost and didn't like having to rethink the way I worked. After a while, however, I started to enjoy myself! I learned that I absolutely love the color indigo, that I don't hate the color hot pink after all, and that gouache can enable you to achieve colors that are almost impossible to create with watercolors. I had to force myself to evaluate what I had been doing and make a rule for myself: I was not allowed to stray back into my old ways of working. The work wasn't drastically different, but I wanted to force myself to try new things and be aware of myself. I am still growing and through this challenge, I have learned that if you don't allow yourself to question everything and evolve, you aren't the best you can be. I still have a ways to go... or maybe not! I am letting the art take me where it wants, in a sense. Stay tuned on Instagram to see what I am working on and how I am discovering my inner artist all over again!

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Catherine McGuire