My Fav Fonts for March (With Free Fonts, too!)

I love lettering. Really, really love it.

I spend so much time looking at fonts that I thought it was about time that I share some of my favorites!

Lettering, especially hand lettering, has always been one of my favorite things. I love to create it, love to look at it, and especially love to watch work-in-progress videos of other artists working on fabulously unique letterforms. 

I always said it would never happen, but it was only a matter of time- art has swallowed up my life! Really, it is not a bad thing. I even managed to let myself rest for two whole days over the weekend! I often de-stress by mindlessly scrolling through inspiring creative work on the internet, and one of my favorite things to look at is hand lettering and unique fonts. 

I am a bit of a compulsive font collector, but seldom end up using them. Here are a few that I love and are on my wishlist! 

(The usual disclaimer- I am not a minimalist type snob (Not that there is anything wrong with that...) These are just fonts that I thought were unique, beautiful, and interesting as a surface designer. Please don't release the type police on me.)

Snicket is near the top of my wishlist! I am trying to curb my font-shopping tendencies (a bit), but I am not going to be able to resist this one much longer! I loved crazy, funky fonts when I was starting out, but I am now more careful about how I use them. Snicket could be FABULOUS for the right project. I think that is the main reason that I don't use lettering in most of my designs- the type has to fit the design just right. Check out Snicket and some other awesome fonts from On the Spot Studio here. 

Catherine McGuire Blog: Best Fonts- Sitka brush font

Are you sensing a theme? I love these funky fonts with thick downstrokes! This one has those unique imperfections that make a brush font really nice, but the edges are smooth as well, so I think it satisfies two camps of type-lovers. This one has a free demo that includes uppercase and small caps, you can get it here. I tried to find the commercial version, but Hustle Supply Co's shop on Creative Market doesn't have it anymore (the freebie was made available in 2016.) Jeremy has a website, if you really want to use it I am sure he would be happy to work with you!

Catherine McGuire Illustrations Blog: Best Fonts Hammock

I recently downloaded this font to try it out, and I love it. If I find the right project for it, I will definitely be trying it out. You can download it for free on the designer's Behance. It is a bit confusing, the page does not clearly outline whether there are restrictions or not on usage. I am thinking that it is free for any use. I did see it for sale in one place, but I am not positive  they had the rights to sell it, so I went directly to the designer's Behance site. 

Ok, so this one is another that, for me, the cover image wasn't doing it any favors. So I am showing this instead. I used it to make really awesome covers for all of my Pinterest boards. I wrote an article about how I made them and listed some tips, resources, and freebies so that you can make your own!  I combed the internet looking for this one because I really, really like it. I have had it floating around on my computer for who knows how long, and I just rediscovered it in time for use it when I was rebranding my Pinterest account. You should go check it out- the covers look pretty good! After doing some digging I found it: Dominique is available on Creative Fabrica for $12. The font includes an inline version accessed by using caps lock or the shift key. I really like how the solid version is simple enough to use for small bits of text but also still quirky. There may be a free demo version floating around, and I tried to find it for you guys, but no luck so far. There are a few places that seem to have it, but I wasn't sure if they had legal rights to it, and I like to be safe. It really is worth the money, I think. 

This font by Paula A. is for sale at Creative Market. I like chunky, handwritten fonts, but I am really picky when it comes to scripts. I don't know that I would be able to mesh this with one of my own projects, but something about it is intriguing and I would love to see how others are using it! I think the thick upstroke on the "N" is really interesting! Personally, I like a bit more of a hand-drawn feel, but if you like clean and smooth lines I think this is a really nice font. 

Monofor is a really quirky font that is on my list as well. It is for sale at The Hungry JPEG (I just discovered them, I like the site a lot!) The price is really reasonable, and you get an alternate version as well Note: the splatters are not included, which makes it a bit more versatile, and it is easy to add them if you like!

This one is just adorable! The creative shapes make this a font that I am hoping to be able to use in a project at some point. I love how the brushstroke texture is not too overbearing but is also just visible enough to be really fun. Check out the rest of Callie Hegstrom's fonts here

Fowler font by Mr. Typeman

The cover image for a font is a deal breaker for me most of the time. Sometimes I get suckered into looking twice at a crappy font because the image is pretty (I should know better.) In this case it is a bit of the opposite- I am not a huge fan of the image, and the drop shadow throws me for a loop, but I do really like the font. Is anyone else sick to death of bouncy, cutesy farmhouse scripts? Is that just me? Oops. Well, I think this one takes the few good qualities of those fonts and mixes in a nice smooth and hand-done feeling that I like a lot. I found it here, and you can download a demo version there. The full font is on sale at Creative Market

Ok, I said that Snicket is at the top of my wishlist, but I might have changed my mind while writing this post. This is another of Callie's fonts, and I think it might be sneaking into my shopping cart later... I love the bit of texture, the varying angles, and those really round "O"s caught my eye. If you are a bit worried about how bouncy the letters are: I took a look at a photo that showed all of the letters and it seems like the designer might have exaggerated the bounce a bit for this image. When I buy it I will let you know! It is on the cheaper side- $12 at Creative Market

Catherine McGuire Illustrations Blog: Best fonts-Orangimelo

I am still not a huge fan of free fonts, but I thought this one was worth sharing. I love the silly, light-hearted nature of this font combined with the serifs. I might be biased because it is similar to some of the hand lettering I have been using lately... But if you like that look here is a way to add something similar to your own projects! It is free for both personal and commercial use here, so have fun! 

Sugary-sweet-font lovers, I didn't forget about you! This font is adorable, and I love font duos! Like I have mentioned I am super picky when it comes to scripts, but this one is pretty good! I discovered Nicky Laatz's work on Pinterest a year or so ago, and I think her work is fabulous. I remembered the name, but for some reason, I couldn't find the pin, so a Google search turned up his shop. Not all of her fonts are this feminine and farmhouse-y, she has a really good selection in her Creative Market store

Mona Font Wild Ones Studio

Mona is a font by a cool little foundry called Wild Ones Studio. There is a standard version and one with bounce, if that is what you are looking for. You can get it here for $13.95, and you can try it out with the free demo version here. I have the demo, and have only had time to play with this font once, but I think it is one of those that works for many, many kinds of projects. I think that it could work for longer bits of text, but in the image above the "D"s keep tripping me up. Maybe because the downstroke is thick? I don't use vector graphics, but if you buy it they are offering a pack of Valentine's vector designs. They are cute, and if you blog you might like them! (Never too late to plan for next year, I guess.)

I think Tulip, this font by Pippi Draws, would be almost impossible to actually use in anything but a super fun personal project, but It is so cheery that I wanted to include it in this list! You get three versions of the font, and there is one that is a bit more simple. Check it out at The Hungry JPEG!

I know this one is a crazy contrast with Tulip, but I have been eyeing this font and I wanted to make sure I had something for everyone ;)  I think this would be fabulous for a branding project! Check it out at Creative Market

Last but not least, the Garden Grown duo is on my shopping list because of the versatility of both fonts. Both of these guys could be used in an infinite number of projects because they have personality while also being easy to read, simple, and not stylized in a manner that restricts them to any one area. It is a bit more pricey than most of the other fonts on this list at $33, but I think that the versatility is worth the money. 

That's it! I had to stop myself at 15! There is a lot more where those came from, so stay tuned for next month's round-up! And don't worry, I probably won't be able to help myself- I will share a few other cool fonts and graphics soon :)

I am just blown away at how cool these fonts are, and kudos to the creators! Learning how to make my own fonts is on my to-do list... after about a billion other things. Until then, I am just going to have to be happy looking at the fabulous work that others are doing!


I may earn a commission from a few of the links in this post. Don't worry- I would never, ever, ever share something that I don't love and don't own or wouldn't use for myself!

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