How to speed up that sloooow computer: a guest post

Slow computer upgrade ssd blog post

“This is taking forever to load!”

A slow and sluggish computer can drive anyone nuts, having heard this many times I always recommend one thing first: replacing a computer's traditional Hard Drive with a Solid State Drive (SSD). 

Hello there, Tech Guy here, Catherine asked me to present a guest post about a life changing upgrade I've done to her MacBook Pro. It is a 2012 and you wouldn't believe how slow it was! So I swapped the hard drive for an SSD, and let me tell you it makes a difference! Everything is faster; Photoshop operations, detailed Vector work in Illustrator, even computer start up times receive a much needed boost. Never have I experienced such a kick in the pants upgrade when switching, it's a night and day thing. I won't get too in depth with the technical jargon but here's the quick and dirty why SSDs are superior:

A traditional hard drive operates with a magnetically coated platter that must spin up every time you access your data while a tiny mechanical read/write head (like the head on a record player) pinpoints the exact location of your data and passes it on to the computer. An SSD meanwhile stores your data on interconnected memory chips (much like a flash drive or memory card albeit significantly faster and more reliable) which can be accessed in a near instant. 

This difference is what makes SSDs the better form of storage, allowing access to your Adobe files, JPEGs, and illustrations significantly faster. Instead of waiting around for large files to load from your hard drive you could have them up and be working in nearly an instant. SSDs not only feel snappier but net you legit time saving differences also.

So rather than waiting on a hamster wheel to spin up, let the wonders of technology from this century sweep you off your feet and let you get some work done.

Want more information on SSDs and what a dumb thing it would be to not buy one right now? Check out a more in-depth guide HERE  to help you decide which SSD is right for you, then follow the Amazon links below to some of the SSDs I recommend to all my clients. Trust me you'll have time while your Mac or PC is still opening that PSD. 

-The Tech Guy

Catherine has a Samsung 850 EVO SSD installed, follow these links to see the 120 GB variant (not for heavy lifting, but great if you are just browsing the internet and writing documents), a 500 GB option (enough space for almost anything), or even a massive 1 TB pick (probably never going to fill that one up!)  

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from the Tech Guy FOR getting your computer to run faster!

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