Studio Revamp (Part Two)

Catherine McGuire surface design studio: office space redecorating blog post two

Rustic, clean, modern aesthetics... How do I balance them all?

My decorating style is a crazy mix of farmhouse, light and airy, and a bit of maximalism (I know those don't really go together.) So how do I put them together to create an office space that inspires me? 

Sometimes I get caught up working. That is an understatement, really. Sometimes it seems like I sit down and all of the sudden it is dark, my husband is home, and I haven't eaten in hours! Even if I am not paying attention, I know the atmosphere of my workspace affects my mood and productiveness. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to do an office makeover. If you saw my previous post you know that I finished my new desk made out of reclaimed wood and storage cubes, so the space was looking good!

I had clean, bright, and a bit of a rustic vibe, but I needed something else. Something to make the space pop. Metallics and glitter are pretty much as eye-catching a theme as you can get! 

Gold... yeah, at first the idea didn't appeal to me. But I took a trip to a craft store and when I saw the home decor, it just clicked! I found a few things that settled me into more of a niche: gold, geometric, and plants. Take a look at some of what I found:

Catherine McGuire Office Studio Redecorating Gold Accents
Catherine McGuire surface design studio office redecorating with rustic and gold accents
Catherine McGuire surface design studio office redecorating with gold accents and plants

Where did I find this cool stuff on a budget? It actually isn't that hard to find the perfect accents for your office at a great price!

Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, and TJmaxx are wonderful places, guys. I spent around $100, and I got most of my little decor accents! Make sure you check sales flyers before heading to Hobby Lobby. I got lucky and managed to get there two days before the week and the sales ended. When I went, the wooden, glass, metal and other home decor categories were all 50% off. The next week it was pretty much ceramics only! The top picture shows most of what I bought but haven't gotten up on the wall yet. Stay tuned! 

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