Studio Revamp (Part Three- A Mini-Post)

I just wanted to pop in and share a quick craft project with you!

One of my favorite parts about redecorating my studio is getting to play around with DIY projects! So here is one really easy and quick DIY project for your office!

All you need is a frame, some pretty paper, a bit of ribbon, and a dry erase marker and you are on your way to making a fabulous whiteboard. Well, not a "white" board per se, but still the general idea. (instuctions below) Take a look:

Catherine McGuire surface design studio and office redecorating: DIY fancy whiteboard for organization and productivity!

The best part about this little project? It has boosted my productivity immensely, and only cost me around $7!

I love lists. But mine usually end up getting written over and edited until I have to re-write them again and again! I needed an alternative, so I tried this project! I took a little trip down to Walmart and picked up a frame (they have lots to choose from) for about $5, then a pack of dry-erase markets at the dollar store. You could buy the markers at Walmart (for a higher price) and save a trip. I had that scrap of really cool paper in one of my drawers, but you can use anything! A clipping from a magazine of flowers, a sheet of watercolor paper, newsprint- whatever you like! Add a bit of ribbon to hang it from, write your list, and voila! You made your own whiteboard that looks SO much better than the ones you can buy at the store!

Do you have a favorite office-decor craft? Tell me about it!

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