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I will be exhibiting at Blueprint!

I got the absolute best news ever last week: I won the Blueprint Shows Young Designers Competition! That means they are providing me with a booth at the show alongside some really, really amazing artists! In this article, I share a bit about how I got here and show you a few pieces of my new work.

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Color Palette of the Week: Indigo, Coral, and Emerald

As I was playing around with color this week; I discovered that coral, a color I almost never use, looks gorgeous with indigo. Since it plays well with my favorite color, I decided to mix up a color combo using both. So voila! Coral, indigo, and emerald are my color palette inspiration for the week. 

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Part Three: The trickiest parts of being a freelancer are... Plus a FREEBIE!

One of the best things about freelancing is the opportunity to be your own boss! And you want to be a fun one, right? Part of being your own boss is giving yourself breaks and taking care of yourself so in the long term you can be productive and happy. This post talks about balance and flexibility, and how to optimize your breaks and make them work for you!

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