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I’m Glad My Sketchbook Isn’t Pinterest-Worthy

We all see those picture-perfect sketchbook pages on social media. I even have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to cool sketchbooks. My sketchbook isn’t like those. But that is a really, really good thing. Read more to find out why, and how you can create a super-awesome, effective workflow that inspires you and helps your creativity blossom! 

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Studio Revamp in Progress! (Part One)

My old studio was drab, cluttered, and dark. This is the first of a series about how I redecorated and reorganized on a budget. Not only did we have a limited budget: we also had a very small amount of space to work with. I will share all of my tips and tricks for optimizing a small space. We did a lot of DIY, crafting, and creative thinking to create a functional, beautiful, organized office space that I love to work in! 

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Part Three: The trickiest parts of being a freelancer are... Plus a FREEBIE!

One of the best things about freelancing is the opportunity to be your own boss! And you want to be a fun one, right? Part of being your own boss is giving yourself breaks and taking care of yourself so in the long term you can be productive and happy. This post talks about balance and flexibility, and how to optimize your breaks and make them work for you!

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