Part 1: One of the trickiest parts of being a freelancer is...

Freelance Time Management Part One: Distractions

I know... Ew. No one likes talking about time management! 

But when you juggle many aspects of a job, how do you keep your priorities straight and set a productive schedule for your freelance career? 

Am I the only one over here having issues keeping on track and staying productive? I am guessing not. Whether you are a freelancer or just a busy person, I am going to share my tips, tricks, and a resource or two to help you organize your time in this blog series! And most importantly: I promise it won't be dry or boring! 

Yes, we all do it: scrolling through social media and oops, you get sucked into an abyss of great articles and other content. I will say, Pinterest and I have a love-hate relationship. I love to procrastinate by scrolling through it "looking for inspiration" (lol). The thing I find is most helpful is to set aside time before you work, be it 10 minutes or an hour, to manage online accounts. Check and reply to important emails, post to business social media accounts, etc. And then build in a bit of time to browse things you just enjoy. Articles, websites, blogs, anything that inspires you and gets you motivated to go out and do great things! If you start out this way, it may help you get the social media "itch" out of your system for a while, at least. And if you think it is needed, let yourself another break or two during the day. Taking a break from your work is a good thing! It helps you be refreshed and ready to work. And if you follow other amazing creators online, it can help motivate and inspire you. Make sure you are absorbing great, positive content! If you go to my Instagram, you can check out the accounts that I follow. Many of them are excellent places to start looking for great artists and makers to encourage and challenge you! And of course, since we all love (and sometimes hate) Pinterest, check mine out HERE for some lovely art and inspiration. It is so much easier to limit internet "fun" time than to stop it altogether. The goal is to have a great balance in your schedule, and in this series of posts I am going to help you achieve that balance!

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