DIY how-to monoprint typography art!

After my posts about monoprinting and textures, I wanted to mess around with some textures I made! (Also wanted to procrastinate on some other things...) After I finished, I realized that it looked pretty cool, but was simple enough almost anyone could try it, so I made a video!

How to get started: All you need is a black pen, sketch paper, a scanner(or good phone camera), a photo-editing program*, and one of the textures I offered in THIS POST. Start out with a quote you love: mine said "It can only go up from here". Experiment with sketching different layouts and styles, and you can even put the words in a shape like I did. Then ink it! I learned (by accident) that if your ink lines are a little sketchy, it can make the effect really, really cool. For quote inspiration, click HERE. For lettering style inspiration, click HERE. The rest is in my video! Have fun!

*A new photo-editing program has come out in the past two years called Affinity Photo. It has been recommended to me by a few artists I greatly respect. And it is $50, as opposed to the hundreds it costs for an Adobe subscription! Gimp is an open-source photo-editing program that my husband used as a teen, but it is clunky and not intuitive. There might be some other free programs out there as well. But Affinity is a professional quality program for ridiculously cheap, I suggest you try it out. When I tried it I loved it, and may or may not be switching to it soon. 

See my post about monoprinting and its uses HERE, and my post with the freebie and other info HERE.

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