Mental Health Day: Art and its platform for awareness

Still Kicking Ass PSA for World Mental Health Day

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, and it is so very important to think about those in our lives who struggle every day. 

We live among fighters. They fight mental illness every day, with no applause or praise for working so hard.

Those people who do what those without a mental illness do, but they have to work twice as hard to do it. Even those who have given all they can, and have to take a break. Those people who push through and accomplish victories big and small. When living is a big step, they keep fighting. 

I know this post isn't just about art, but I think that artists should speak up on important issues! We have a unique platform to tell stories and raise awareness about many things. Art is not only beautiful, it can send poignant messages. This illustration is a piece I created a while ago, and while I meant it to be empowering to anyone, I felt it would be really relevant for World Mental Health Day. I wanted to create something encouraging for the many people dealing with mental illness, including many people I know and love. 

Ilness can be hard to think about. Life in general, especially mental illness, is messy. And when people are hurting and we don't know how to help, we feel awkward and embarrassed. If you have felt that way, I encourage you to read this article. It is an approachable list for how to show someone you care, even in simple ways such as giving a hug, calling on the phone, and giving them space to process. Remember to be kind and forgiving, because we never know what someone is going through. 


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